Why we have to master english

English is the language that has the most speakers in the world. many coutries use english as their second language after their national language. it makes the english into an rnational language.or lingua franca for the world.

There are several benefits that you can get if you can master the english language.

first, if you can master english then you can interact more with the world community. you can interact more with the world community in the company. you can communicate with people who are very far away even different continents without constrained language differenes. secondly,mastering the english language can improve the quality of yourself in the company. many leading companies are looking for workers who are fluent in english, especially multinational companies. third, mastering english will make it easier to find the source of knowledge. most of the papers written around the world using english in the presentation. the book that become a refference is also mostly still using english and has not been translated.

finnaly, mastering english can make your life easier because english is always there in our life.